Special sessions & tutorials

Approved special sessions

Guidelines for special sessions

Special session (SS) organizers should follow the following guidelines:
  1. Each SS should have two organizers, who are from different countries/regions.
  2. The SS organizers are responsible for inviting digests/papers and arranging the peer-review for their own SS, via the VPPC2017 official submission and review platform (the same as that for the regular tracks). The SS organizers will receive a guide on using the review platform. The digest submission deadline is March 31, 2017 May 31, 2017.
  3. The SS organizers should make sure that the authors who register for all the papers in their SS should be from 3 or more countries/regions in order to make the conference and SS as international as possible. Otherwise, the SS will be cancelled and the accepted papers will be moved to regular tracks.
  4. The SS organizers should ensure a proper number (5 or 6) of papers finally accepted in their SS. In case there are only 4 or fewer papers finally accepted after the peer-review process, the SS will be cancelled and the accepted papers will be moved to the regular tracks.
  5. It is the SS organizers’ duty to inform their invitees of the above rules in advance.
  6. A written (email) approval from the TPC chairs is mandatory before SS organizers can officially start calling for papers for the SS.

A proposal (i.e., a draft of the SS call for papers) should be raised by those who are interested in organizing an SS. The proposal should be prepared using this template, and be sent to the VPPC TPC chairs at vppc2017@femto-st.fr before March 10, 2017. As they send their proposal to the TPC chairs, the SS organizers agree to follow all the above rules.

Guidelines for tutorials

VPPC2017 will include a number of tutorials on scientific and technological knowledge in the area of friendly transport systems (fuel cells, batteries, power electronics, electrical machines, drivetrains of road vehicles, embedded storage systems …). If you are interested in contributing to the conference through a tutorial, you are invited to propose within these topics, a half (1,5 hours) or a full (3 hours) tutorial to be presented during the conference.

Proposals should include:

  • a title,
  • the name of instructor(s),
  • a 500 word (max) abstract,
  • a detailed list of topics and instructor’s short CV.

Proposals should be sent to vppc2017@femto-st.fr before June 30, 2017.